How is your
business doing?

Finding out is hard.
It shouldn’t be.

Meet ikooloo.
Your business in your pocket.

Once upon a time…

Suzie asked Andrew for help answering the question “How is my business doing?”.

Suzie (like many small business owners) found answering the question wasn’t as easy as it should be.

Answering the question took too much time and effort – logging in to multiple systems, maintaining spreadsheets, asking people and using solutions that weren’t helping.

Current solutions are just too…

Too much time to set up.

Too much effort to maintain.

Too complicated needing technical knowledge most small businesses don’t have.

Too expensive.

Too much death by dashboard…

Death by dashboard.

Too much information. Too many dashboards and a focus on months & quarters when you need to know what happened today.

You need to know what the information means for your business. You need to know what to focus on.

You need to act NOW!

You need to know anytime, anywhere…

Yes, anytime, anywhere.

You think you’ve solved the problem then you leave the office.

You’re squinting at small graphs. You can’t add, change or remove information. You end up calling the office.

Running a business is hard enough without this ****. Surely, there must be a better way?

Put your business in your pocket

Reduce the time and effort knowing how your business is doing and spend more time growing your business.

Easy to set-up and use
Setup in seconds with no technical knowledge. Connect to the apps you use and away you go.

Meaningful information
#nodashboards – metrics and meaning from across your business in real-time.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere
ikooloo is a mobile app so you know how your business is doing wherever and whenever you need to.